Why Store Air?

Maximise your warehouse space with our Vertical Reciprocating Conveyor today. Also known as a mezzanine lift, cargo lift, material lift or storage lift. Simply build a mezzanine floor and place this almost anywhere to take advantage of the following benefits!

  • Eliminate shelving
  • No need for fork hoists
  • Save money on fork hoist driver wages
  • Forget fork hoist aisles

Use every inch of your warehouse space "as you are already paying for it".

This heavy duty American made product comes complete with its own supporting structure, doesn't require a pit and has a huge range of sizes, applications and options to suit your needs.

From 1200mm wide by 1200mm deep to a 3650mm by 3650mm, 5400kg load carrying monster.

Fantastic value and a proven safety record worldwide.


CIP Lift Products

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