S Series

Our Most Versatile Lift!

Custom Industrial Products’ S Series Vertical Material Lift is a straddle (2 post) design and is popular because of its variety of applications. It is perfect for any mezzanine, balcony or multi-story application where safe material handling is required.

The platform carriage of the 2-Post is available in many different sizes and it can easily handle small, medium, or large material loads. The platform carriage design allows for loading and unloading from the same side (C-Configuration) or from front to rear (Z-Configuration).

Standard Features

  • Load Capacity: up to 2700kg
  • Platform Size: up to 2400 mm W X 2400 D
  • Operating Levels: up to 4-Stops
  • Travel Height: up to 12 metres 
  • Operating Speed: .1 m/ sec
  • Power: 400V 3P
  • Illuminated Controls at Each Level
  • All-Mechanical, Dual Cable Lifting System
  • Cable Safety Brakes
  • Slack Cable Switches
  • Double Swing Gates at Each Level
  • Mount: Surface or Pit

The all-mechanical design reduces noise and maintenance while providing a chemically clean workplace.