Save money and headaches by upgrading your lift!

Replacing an elevator in an existing building is a major undertaking and will not only require a huge financial commitment but also may...

  • Require the building to be altered and heavily restricted
  • Require council road closure permits
  • Door openings repositioned
  • Revised building codes may need to be implemented
  • Along with many other headaches that pop up

Even with a good maintenance programme unfortunately all good things come to an end especially with high usage lifts along with original parts becoming impossible to source.

Elevator Concepts can take care of your lift upgrade and for a fraction of the cost of replacement! We can replace or upgrade the following...

  • Lift doors
  • Drive and lifting systems
  • Control system
  • Mechanical and electrical devices
  • Car interior finishes
  • Shaft information
  • Signals
  • Buttons
  • Underperforming lift
  • Compliance upgrades

Along with architectural modification from building refurbishments.

Call us now to inspect your site free of charge and we can talk you through options on spreading the work over time to suit your budget.