The Super Domus system is extremely compact and robust. Designed to optimise lift car dimensions based on available space and for a load up to 1000 kg.

The Super Domus lift models include a wide range of flexible options: load, car dimensions and finishes, landing and car doors dimensions and types. The Super Domus lift features a gearless motor and precise speed control provided by a high quality inverter.


  • Great ride quality
  • Geat noiselessness in the car and in the building
  • Enhanced system performance with reduction of installed
  • Power and energy consumption, allowing energy saving
  • Reduced mechanical stress and electric motor temperature
  • The lift complies with prEN 81-21:2009 harmonised standard, specifically dedicated to new lifts in existing buildings.
  • Machine inside the lift shaft, in the headroom.
  • Hoist machine with gearless permanent magnet motor.
  • Control panel located in the door frame at the highest landing.
  • Machine maintenance operations are carried out inside the shaft, standing on the car roof


  • The machinery is fully contained in the shaft, supported by guide rails.
  • All the lift load bears on the car and counterweight guide rails, there is no need for bearing beams to be fixed to shaft walls.
  • This structure allows for cars with two opposite entrances.